"The Thousand Seasons Of Kyumori Episode1 Kyumori-The Guardian Of The FOREST" is the 1st work of TandM.
This is a 3D graphics action game which is due to be put on the market for iPhone in spring of 2011.
You can enjoy powerful battle with the unique characters which is not once.
A punch and a punch collide by advanced collision judging.
The camera work which employed 3D efficiently is seen here and there.
The wonderful sounds heap up BGMs and SEs.
Communication battle by iPhones is possible.
Since the characters are lovely, watching the battle of computers can also enjoy itself (Watch Mode loading).
Furthermore, a customization feature is also abundant in the ability to change the position of a controller or a button into the position of oneself liking, etc.
This also carry much information on itself.

  They are the characters peculiar.
It is not likely to be animals???
  They seems to be animals.
  They emit something.
Is it painful if those hit???
  Don't strike so close-up.
What is the green light???
  Has he gathered some???
Since "2HIT" is shown, is it a continuation attack???
  "I am here----."
They are not necessarily likely to say that???
What is happening???
  He is shining blue.
It is surely the skill of the attribute different from the green light a while ago???
  He is damaged so close-up.
It must surely be painful.
3D and powerful.
Are they saying that???
Why are both seeing here???
  Are they sleeping???
Mr.bear are closing his eyes.
  It seems that Mr.Tanuzou is fighting with his child together.
Is Mr.bear sleeping also in the air???
His eyes are closed.
  Mr.Tanuzou is sitting.
Mr.bear is throwing something.
Mr.bear is opening his eyes widely.
  Mr.Tanuzou says "So sorryyyy".
Mr.bear says "Huhhhh".
Are they saying that???

All the mysteries become clear in spring of 2011.
Please expect.

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