Real 3D vs fight!!!
A FOREST soldier PanDA's story in his youth.
It's the beginning of the battle of PanDA and his company.
He aims to become the strongest.
What's the true reason that his master trains him so hard?
The auto guard system enables you to perform well balanced speedy attack and defense.

The double HP system makes it important to change guard to the upper or the middle.
HP recovers on which the guard position is set.

Auto guard is so powerful, though when it gets empty, you need to change guard.
You can excute speedy rush with normal attacks.

You can deliver a powerful counter GROVE attack.
The deadly blow is so powerful literally. It's damage is low, but it can't been almost not avoided.

The floating gauge system to concentrate on the speedy fight.
It includes the computer fight, the vs fight over bluetooth and the watch mode.

If you clear the advanced level, you're able to watch the ending any time.

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