The 1st work of the FOREST seriesII

A punch and a punch collide!!!
The most real 3D collision judging in the 3D fighting games on the iOS!!!
The simple controlling only by flick!!!

"The Thousand Seasons Of Kyumori Episode1 Kyumori-The Guardian Of The FOREST" is now on sale. It's rising in popularity.
The free trial LITE version is now on sale too.
"The Thousand Seasons Of Kyumori Episode1 Kyumori-The Guardian Of The FOREST HD" is also now on sale.

iPhone version graphics   
The 3D graphics fighting game with unique characters!!!
You can play communication battles between iPhones!!! Also hidden characters???
The Super FOREST is exercised!!! The characters move splendidly!!!
Though the characters are pretty, the game is in earnest!!!
iPad version graphics   
So powerful, for the resolution of iPads surpasses the retina display of iPhones!!!
Change three kinds of UI which are flicks, buttons, and more!
Only this is corresponding to the vertical screen mode in fighting games on the iOS!!! It's onlyone in the world!!!
The characters are all over clear in the big screen!!!
This is the pause after Kyumori's super FOREST hits his enemy!!! He isn't picking up something!!!
The raccoon dog's witchcraft!!!
 Kyumori is a 3D fighting game which is rare on the iOS!!!
A very real 3D collision judging is the feature. Even a punch and a punch collide.
Please feel actually by your own hands!!!

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